Thursday, September 22, 2011

new story

dear my friends....

almost one month i do not update my blog. i have many story for share with you but maybe just a few story i can share in this post. from this post, i like to create new story about me.. i must begins a new life after he have a new one. i pray for him, for his happiness and hope his success in life. amin...

act, i want to story about my new family. my family in 4B07 (may-oct 2011). they are very kind with me even though they've just known me for one semester. tq, my new family. at the beginning, i don't known how them can accept me in their family.. i'm very happy with them and i hope we can be a friends forever. for next sem, we still stay together ^_^

 they will become successful accountant. sorry, i can not find nadhirah's picture.

she is my new friend, my new housemate, my new room mate and also my new stepsister. mira cikcit is her name. she is a little girls who like to talk and like "membebel". haha. i like do work with her because she like pressure me and make my work the best. tq, kecik muncit..

with miracikcit..

she like my sister, lyn.. but i never call she with her name because i 'm more comfortable to call she "opah". she is very kind person even though she like bully me. sometime, she are very noty. she is always ask about me and care for me at puncak. thank you and i very appreciate it.. i <3 you!

she in new image.