Friday, September 21, 2012

forever i love


hai, sayang.. how are you? dear, i have something to tell you.. this is my big secret, just for me and you.. dear, i miss you so so so much,  in every moment i breathe and hope you do too.. i love you , love you and love you so much!

yesterday, i was crying just because i read husna's facebook status about ayah.. i do not know why i cried.. may be i love and miss ayah so much.. act, this is second time ayah was in hospital and I like not worthy to visit ayah. only prayers and good news from far away that I can give to ayah there. get well soon, ayah.. :)

husna's status
 the second thing made me cry when viewing pictures mak from abang's facebook.. i miss her so much! dear, i want you know, once i love mom, till the end she is my mom and i love her forever!

abang's picture

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