Monday, October 24, 2011

he is not yours!


hello, dear! tonight, i just want to talk about him! him, him and him.. who is him? he is him.. oppsss, this entry is about "my heart".. but, "my heart" is no longer available.. why it happened? sorry because it was my fault.. but, iloveyousomuchdear! my heart has not changed because you are "my heart".. did you remember about this? but why are you so quickly change?? why, my dear? i only need some space and time to treat my heart.. my dear, do you know how much i love you? do you know how much i miss you? do you know how can i accept that you have somebody else? i was crying! because? i was very weak.. i cried while taking about you and us to my housemate.. they never know about us, but on the day, they know it all.. i know, the problem not the fault of you.. but, i hurt because of you, my heart.. now, you have been away from me.. that mean, my heart also far away and always hurt.. ohh, my dear.. why are you easily give up? why are you easily to get the new one? maybe you are not mine! owh,  i have many question for you but i do not know the way how to ask you.. ok, maybe i should forget for all this thing..
bye, "my heart".. i always pray for you and hope you are happy with her.. AMIN.. ^__^

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