Thursday, October 27, 2011

nightmare or wonderful dream?/


hai, dear! thanks for reading my semak-samun nie.. hehe..  on 27th oct 20011,at 7:02 am, i dont know whether it was a nightmare or wonderful dream.. i got text from ~nurkasihku~ .. fuhh, nama lama la, tak tukar ponn.. because for me, nothing has changed and will not be changed.. finally, i got text from him! iloveyousomuch,dear! imissyoutoomuchmuch!

dear, please do not make a wrong decision again! loving to her and do not involve her in our relationship that has been lifted. i'm happy when you happy.. dont leave her because for me if you think so.. and do not feel guilty because i am, but you should feel guilty to her.. she is yours! dont hurt her!

****** jika jodoh kita bersama,  we will back together.. insyallah..

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