Tuesday, October 4, 2011

letter for my old friend

dear my old friend,

i hope you always in a good condition and happy with your life, family, friends and also with your lover. for this time, i would like to share with you some story. story about you and me. for me, this is the memory of the most interesting and this stories is about our childhood past. perhaps you have forgotten about this thing, but for me, this is sweet memory because only your friend and you would be able to do so.

i remember that, between maghrib and after isyak, you and friends always riding a bicycle through the front of my house to the mosque. alhamdulillah, you are very good person and good son. but, some people do not like in you all because you all are very noisy when you all give a salam and call my name with a loudly voice. when your group call me, one by one, the situation become very noisy and disturbing, especially when maghrib.

almost everyday your friends do that till my parents do not know how to do with you all. they just let you go and can call me everyday. its so sweet because no other person do the same as you all do, it is just for me. this story is when we were in primary school, i was in standard 5 and you in standard 6. wow, amazing.

today, when i remember you, i always remind this memory because this is only one i have with you. may be in 1 million, just only me have this sweet memory with you, my friend. i  love you and  i always miss you.

your old frinds,

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